dinsdag 2 maart 2010

Sweet Sixteens!

Sweet Sixteens!

- Why is there a need to feel like a princess for one day, if your treated likewise for the rest of the year?
- how can you truly enjoy and be grateful for a party, if you expect it too happen and you plan it out?
- How can you throw yourself a party, and then as the hostess wanting to be the absolute middle of the celebration?

Just some questions I had when I was looking at My Super Sweet Sixteen!

I always thought that when you host a party, your job is too make sure your guests are having a good time and when you see your guests having a good time, then your actually enjoying yourself too…

But to get to the deeper issue, when your sixteen and a girl, I can imagine that you might feel insecure once in a while or you might even have some self-esteem issues..

Is it really a good idea to make you feel secure by buying all kinds of things so you can make other people jealous or make other people envy you?

Does a thick layer of fake confidence, made possible because you have the illusion that you only look beautiful and stylish when you are wearing an expensive designer outfit with matching purse, really make you happy or confident on the inside?

Does having friends that only accept you because you wear these clothes and because you pretend to be better then you feel on the inside, really make you feel accepted and make you love your friends?

And for parents:
when you advertise ‘material wealth makes one happy’, is that really the message you want to sent out?

Why do I see you parents making all the right statements, but only as a joke?
It should be the truth and not a joke!
Jokes like: “you don’t need 4 dresses for this one night unless you’re a hooker”
And then they buy them anyway..
Does this mean you don’t want your child’s respect, but just want to ‘buy there love?

Or: “We are not getting you this car, just because you look pretty in it, if you want we can come back next Sunday and you can look pretty in it again.”
And then at the day of the party, they prank the kid with a Hyundai which has a new price value of 40,000 dollars and the kid says: “Why is that car standing there? I don’t want that car!” Sees her rich girl image floating away, starts to cry like an ungrateful bitch, which was probably her image to begin with and not ‘the classy daddy’s girl’ image she thinks she’s portraying, but anyway it’s only a joke and the 200,000 dollar Mercedes pops up and instead of saying: “I love you mommy and daddy, for getting me the car I wanted!” She just jumps into the car and says: I love this car.

And why do you guys always say, I’m so proud of you, when all they do is disrespect you, then when they need something, they come to you sweet as sugar, until they get what they want?
This child like behaviour was ok when they were 5 or maybe 6 years old, but not when they’re 10 years older than that!
Why does a beginning driver, at the age of 16 need a 100,000 dollar car?
Is it safer? is it better looking when it’s curved around a lantern?

And then when people are not rich, they buy the biggest house they can get with maximal mortgage, get maximal loans, to pretend they are rich, so that their kids don’t have to feel inferior to the other kids, though they can never go on vacation, or spent some quality family time together, like a family dinner or things like that, because they have to work every moment to keep living the lifestyle they have grown to appreciate!

Is there a point?

The point is:
- Family matters!
- True friendship can not be bought or based on the fact that you wear the same kind of overpriced outfits!
- Materialism is overrated!
- Inner peace and happiness comes from interactions with people that you have grown to love for who they are, and not for what they portrait to be!
- Raising kids correct is not buying their love, but setting boundaries and conveying the right message to them, so they respect you and one day they can earn your respect!
- Respect and love yourself! It’s you that’s beautiful, not your diamonds!

I hope you don’t hate me for what I’m saying, I’m just saying what I feel is the truth, but
since truth is only a reflection of your view on reality, I could be very wrong!
Tell me what you think!

donderdag 28 januari 2010



Justice is always less just than it seems...
You can’t create sympathy for an injustice, when in the attempt to lessen an injustice you create another injustice.

The other night I was watching the memorial of the fallen Jews on the news, they were at Auswitz. They had invited the president of Israel and some more important names.

I thought: ‘why not also invite the president of Palestine and maybe they will have some more compassion for the situation the Jews were in and get some sympathy for the reason they were given half of Palestine by the United Kingdom.’

Then I learned that even though Palestine has been around for at least two thousand years it is not acknowledged as a country by the world, since half of it was given to the Jews and was named Israel.
All of the sudden I got a lot more sympathy for the cause and a lot more insight in the motives of the Palestinians.

For what happened when the Dutch, who had a different religion, were oppressed by the Spanish?
They went underground and fought a war against the Spanish for eighty years before they won this war and became independent once again.

I do not agree with the method of war being used by the Palestinians. But that method is only used by a few radicals. I understand why a lot of countries around Palestine are supporting their cause, but I don’t understand why whiles giving the Palestinians weapons and other materials, they don’t make it a bigger point on their political agenda.
I also don’t understand why the Israeli’s who have been oppressed for so many years and have had systematically structured genocide and what ever other injustice.
Why after all of this they do not understand that the Palestinians are not thrilled that their land is being taken away, that they are denied access to so many places they too find holy in their religion.
For is that not what happened to the Jews too at one point?
Now that the Israeli’s know that the English and the Americans have got their backs, the government of Israel is even using propaganda not only in their own country but also for the outside world to get more people to think that the Palestinians are solely bad people and that they have no reason at all to attack Israel as fierce as they do.

I firmly believe that where two are fighting, both parties are to blame.
And also that where two are fighting and one wins there is no peace.

Injustice is everywhere, and whiles sticking your head in the sand does block your sight of it, it does not make it go away, also supporting one cause where there are more causes, only increases the likeliness of an ongoing disagreement and decreases the chances of actual sustainable and long if not everlasting peace, being the middle child I have learned this a long time ago...

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression
The freedom to express your opinion

The freedom of expression is the freedom to express yourself without being bound by restrictions. It is sometimes used to indicate not just freedom of verbal speech but any action to seek, receive and give information or ideas, no matter what medium is being used.

Is this freedom absolute?
There are in fact some restrictions to this wonderful ideology, to make it seem politically correct this is called: Hate speech. Hate speech is speech perceived to discredit a person or group of people based on their social or ethnic group, such as race, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, language ability, ideology, social class, occupation, appearance (height, weight, skin color, etc.), mental capacity, and any other difference that might be considered by some as a liability. The term covers written as well as oral communication and some forms of behaviours in a public setting. It is also sometimes called talking behind someone’s back. In many countries, intentional use of hate speech is a criminal offence prohibited under incitement to hatred legislation in most countries.

Should there be absolute freedom to express your opinion?
I believe there should be absolute freedom of expression,

I believe firmly in the idea that you have to make mistakes to become a better person, how does this work? You have an idea, you act on the bases of that idea, it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would, you talk to other people about the idea, or about the action you took and understand why it didn’t turn out the way you thought it would. Then you either change the way you thought or the actions you will take in the future depending on what was wrong, the idea or the act.

Freedom of thought is the freedom of an individual to hold or consider a fact, viewpoint, or thought, independent of others' viewpoints.
I wonder if we are allowed to think something, but then are not allowed to say what we think, does this mean we are actually censured in what we may think? And if we do think something but are not allowed to talk about the thought or idea, then how will we know that this is either a right or a wrong idea or thought?

However, if you live in an enclosed environment, with little contact with the outside world, there could be a flaw in this system because with a lack of new points of view, the ideas are permanent and a vicious circle is started.

Is this a problem?
In most cases I would say no, but if this enclosed environment happens to be a terrorist training camp there is a whole different matter at hand.

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Every year millions among us go for it, with good intentions they tell themselves and each other: this year I will, or this year I won’t.
Is a new years resolution a good thing?

Some people will say: according to statistics only 20 percent of the people that make a new years resolutions actually keep them.
Others will say: I don’t believe in new years resolutions.

If you truly believe that you are a part of the 80% that won’t keep them, doesn’t that say something about yourself?
If you don’t believe in resolutions, don’t you believe you can’t be a better person than you are right now?

I would like to say this: if you are not perfect, but you want to be a better person,
then what is wrong with making a resolution, it forces you to think about things you might want to improve, and also it can give you insight in the motives that drive you to make them.

If you end up not keeping it, it’s not a big deal: you have put some thinking in it and the motive to not keeping the new years resolution must have counted more heavily then the motive you had when you made the resolution.
Of course I’m forced to say that this does not go the same with addictions, be careful for cravings being misinterpreted as a real motive.
A lot of resolutions count on your own judgement and only you can tell if you kept the resolution.
If you have put a lot of thought in a new years resolution,
you should put some thought in; Is this goal reachable? when will I have reached the goal? What steps do I need to take to reach this goal?

There are multiple types of resolutions, they can help to stop you doing something you don’t want to do any more, or they can help you do something you do want to do, but never had the nerves or heart to try.

Last year I said to myself: I will follow my heart this year.
I tried to put this thought in every choice I made, trying to interpreted my motives and emotions in this one goal, and I made every choice fearless, it didn’t get me anything, but it made me a wiser man and it taught me something about how I want to live my life.

This year my new years resolution is: Not to smoke cannabis for a whole year, if I fail I will check myself in to rehab, and with this in the back of my mind I hope I will last. I hope that this plus the fact I put it in to writing to remind myself of it everyday will help my reach my goal and keep my new years resolution.

Good luck to every one that made a new years resolution.

For all those that didn’t make a new years resolution, it’s not too late yet!

The World Is Dying

The world is dying.

Are we meant to believe that when we inform the world, every one will work together, to work on our flaws, and make the world a better place for our future offspring?

I want to, but am I too pessimistic for thinking this won’t ever happen?

Oceans are being swepped clean, the fish that is caught using fishnets that can fit more than 7 boeing 747´s, are being conserved, then when they arrive at their destination, they are being prepped for sale, in factories that don´t give their employees big enough pay-checks, using energy produced in coalmines.

Do you think of all those FACTS? When you buy a nice tuna?
How much infairness/inequality do you see in the story told above?

Are we meant to believe that when even Darwin the father of heliocentric thinking, couldn’t conquer his own dogma. No matter how progressive he was after he travelled the seven sea’s. His dogma was: the oceans are inexhaustible. He was told multiple times, we can see the effects of fishing on the marine fauna already. Who knows if it will get worse?
He refused to consider this.

How are we supposed to conquer our own dogma’s?

Something of an entire different matter, just something that came to mind when I thought about what the richest people in the world are doing to ensure our planet is not going to waste.
Let’s start with apparently the second richest person on the planet: Bill Gates.

What is his tribute to a better world?

The 2 percent that has 98% of the financial wealth in their possession, must be actively involved in the build up of a better world. Because if the people that have the financial backdrop to take the actions that need to be taken don’t take these actions, who will?
Where is the hardware that uses Microsoft’s software made?
What kind of energy does Microsoft use in all of his various locations all over the world?
An even easier thing to make environmentally friendly is his home. Does he have a windmill on his roof or solar panels, to power the house that he has stuffed with technically advanced gadgets? Did he isolate his walls and window’s? in other words is his house climate neutral? Is his mode of transportation carbon free?

I will leave you all with this: The Climate fair was a farce!

The world is dying..


In the Sixties weed is handled with a tolerance policie, giving grandma's with a few plants a chance to make some extra pocket change as well as keeping people who enjoy the use of cannabis out of the illegality, a stroke of genius or something that should never have happened?

The Tolerance Policie was called The Backdoor Policy because eventhough the drugs could be sold legally, they could not legally buy the drugs they were selling. The Dutch cannabis since then became of better quality, this made it a popular export product. On this day the Dutch cannabis market is a multi billion dollar business.

In the year 2009 weed growers are being actively searched for, since they have grown from amateur grandma's, to professional drugcartels with boobytrapped plantations that can be in normal households or as crazy as underneath swimmingpools and tenniscourts.

Coffeeshops that grow to big are bein closed down in an attempt to keep cannabis sales under control. In 2005 a coffeeshop that had a history of over a thousand years and for that reason the oldest in the world was closed down for having over 20 kilo's of weed in storage.

Drugtourisme is an issue with the borderline community, they overflood the Coffeeshops and in such a way that some of the biggest coffeeshops sell over 5 kilo's a day while they are only allowed to keep half a kilo in storage.

Nowadays with more busts on the weedgrowers everyday,
should the government legalise growth and cash in on all the taxrevenues?
or stop the tolerance policie, with the whole negative spiral that follows after?


1987 is a year of great importance for this Woerden raised son of Frans Janssen and Truus Kock, it was the year he was born. After this year it literally was silent for a couple of years because he decided not to start talking when most infants do, but to wait for a better opportunity to rhyme then just rhyming mama with papa.
Primary school gave a lot of happy days, everyone lived close by in the neighborhood, high school was a whole different story, every year a fresh patch of classmates with new people to get used to, and they don’t see him like he’s used to, some teasing and bullying did him more harm inside then he would like to admit, and although he would never speak of it, his life was changed by it, he decided never to harm anyone intentionally, and to be the change he wants to see in the world.
He had always been writing sentences that he thought were beautiful. He had started writing songs to get his feelings and thoughts of his chest, at 15 still convinced he could sing, he tried out for Popstars the Rivals, the outcome of this little adventure is the ending of the dream of being a singer.
He liked sports a lot and decided to take on a sports based education, during which he started spitting what he wrote down, starts flowing, mostly in English sometimes a little bit of Dutch.
Meanwhile his school is teaching him how to become a PE teacher for elementary school, how to become a SCUBA Dive master for P.A.D.I. , how to become a Outdoor instructor in sports like: rock-climbing, mountain biking, pioneering, bow and arrow, kayaking and rafting.
Even though he enjoyed it thoroughly, and it were 3 years of living the good life, the school never once told him that he was any good at teaching, and year after year it was a struggle of not being kicked out of school, but he did get another chance and actually graduated in the end.
At that time he already finished his first mix tape: Journey/Result.
For the last internship of his school he decides to go and work overseas in a Performing Arts Camp, this camp happens to be French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts. For the last 2 years he has spent 8 of the best months in his life here.
When he came back after the first 4 months, he recorded a Promo CD, he recorded another mix tape: In Between and started writing for a mini album, later that year he recorded 7 songs while he was back for round two of 4 months French Woods Festival, he called this mini album: Until The End, this mini album is currently listenable on web link listed above…