maandag 18 april 2011

Falcon T © original haiku 2011

These haiku i've written over the course of the last month.

the first english haiku i ever wrote was:

silly girls with brains
are to be preferred over
humorless others

I was thinking about japan and what terrible purpose they had encountered and wrote:

the thought of others
having an even worse time
makes a humble man

When ever i make a mistake, or trip I think by myself:

a princes sees it
a knight in shining armor
falling from his horse

sometimes i ponder:

underneath the stars
standing by the waterside
we have stopped to stare

No one walks through life untouched by inequality and injustice:

when you get some scars
you know you are working on
getting a thick skin

an observation:

the world seems less bright
when i step out of the sun
to rest in the shade

sometimes we look but we don't see:

seeing the unseen
discovering the lost art
of opening eyes