donderdag 12 mei 2011

Picture story/poetry

I feel like a hot air baloon ready for take off, i just need to pump a little more hot air in my ego before I can work up the courage to take off and say i'm fly, i'm higher then you my view is the horizon. I'm different then the other baloons too, no pretty colors, no cool graphic, just a baloon that is designed to take off faster, to go further and higher then others, not for the bragging rights or to win a race, just because it's possible.

In the land of hot air baloons, a zeppelin is king, but the hot air baloons have nothing to fear of the zeppelin, it's the zeppelin that should be afraid, for if it were to come to close to the hot air baloons, the flames from the burner could take it down in a second. Still it is the king and not the slave, because it doesn't have to depend on the right wind to take it to it's destination, it has a propellor to rule out chance, does that make the zeppelin a control freak compared to the floating baloons? or is it just what it seems a smarter way of traveling..

three hot air baloons
they are standing on the ground
ready for take off

floating in the wind
colorful dot in the sky
no destination

find the right airstream
to take you away from here
it's better elsewhere

donderdag 5 mei 2011

Falcon T © original haiku 2011 (part 2)

When you think you outshine the others, don't be jealous at the attention they are getting, just be thankful that you can respect their efforts:

a sweet butterfly
tries to visit all flowers
but forgets the sun

Sometimes i need to tell myself what i need to hear in order to keep going:

you think you have failed
but the only failure is
never to have tried

The obvious truth might not be the most obvious to everyone:

In the line of fire
step away to stay alive
or catch a bullet

You can keep being angry and wondering why you have not gotten the opportunities others were given, but it takes character to stop destruction and start building your future:

move towards the light
instead of wondering why
it's not where you are

like they always say, you don't know what you miss until it's gone:

when you want the sun
but you see a star instead
you know what you miss

Choices are hard, which one turns out to be the right one is it the obvious one or the other:

after a grape falls
we can either pick it up
or leave it to rot

it's always good to ridicule yourself, so that you don't grow a bad case of ego:

prolonged ponderings
have permitted me to see
that i waste my time

You think you are who you are right now, but if so, what if you change?

one path to follow
he who leaves himself behind
will find another