vrijdag 9 december 2011

Rain - Falcon T© original haiku 2011

wish I was a duck
walking around fearlessly
quacking in the rain

shower me with rain
blow me dry with all the winds
nature is calling

everytime it rains
I see a silver lining
it's about to change

the sun is shining
even in the worst weather
it gives us a light

me the umbrella
will keep you high and mighty
through the storm and rain

make it even worse
i will keep on smiling wide
no rain can beat me

keep on shining bright
soon the curtains reopen
and the stage is set

woensdag 30 november 2011

Hourglass - Falcon T© original haiku 2011

a broken hourglass
leaking away precious time
like sand in the wind

am I the hourglass
or am I a grain of sand
powerlessly bound

real time is precious
only used when time is right
to keep it's essence

reclection of light
can make sand look like pure gold
makes dreams from nightmares

all doubt is futile
life and death situations
are too uncommon

spare your excuses
give me your life and your death
we'll paint together

in a pitchblack cave
a painting can look awesome
but light gives it life

woensdag 9 november 2011

Bathtub Of Love - Falcon T© original haiku 2011

this one is based purely on the first thought of the picture:

sit in the water
the warmth consumes you in awe
radiating you

this one kinda just came up with the bathtub in mind but i doubt you could guess the train of thought i had when I wrote it:

you cherish your face
you take care of your body
I love the outcome

it means: i'm glad you don't use make up
you look great, but also could mean: you like taking baths
I like you..

stating the comforting feeling of the bath:

take off all your clothes
now step into the water
leave dark thoughts behind

dual: the feeling of the bath but then in love with a particular girl in mind
or just wittiness about a bath:

every time we meet
I feel so comfortably
stepping in the heat

means just how it sounds:

let me in your life
step into my bath of love
meaningful embrace

vrijdag 4 november 2011

Tree of Life - Falcon T© original haiku 2011

What if a tree, would resemble me, who around me, would be what exactly?

would my family be the roots, keeping me steady?
would my friends be the branches, reaching for glisful bliss?
would I be the trunk, supporting the whole bunch?

and what kind of tree would I be?

would i be a birch? growing too many branches at once, so they break..

I desire to be an oak, never growing out of pace, always making the right decisions, never hasting, but never stopping either.

and maybe, just maybe, i'd be able to carry a thimble little wood nymph, a thousand years through time..

Who would I have been
if the world had been a tree
I was not the crown

getting all the light
easily growing swiftly
always fresh and green

I was not the branch
nourished by the leaves and roots
giving them support

I would be that twig
with a single leaf attached
without direct light

that keeps on growing
on character daily
til he sees the light

donderdag 13 oktober 2011

Father & New Born Baby - Falcon T© original haiku 2011

look at innocense
unable to help themselves
you are their saviour

how it all begun
all you can do is try hard
to raise a good child

I am neither one
I hope to be one of them
in the far future

a picture like this
fills me up with emotions
gives me back some hope

woensdag 28 september 2011

Blowing bubbles - Falcon T© original haiku 2011

bubbles blowing by
beautiful brush of colors
floating in the sky

touching me inside
I can't believe such beaty
is just made to pop

dip your stick in soap
don't mean to bust you're bubble
cannot keep it whole

fata morgana
chase the elusive bubble
get soap in your eyes

zondag 4 september 2011

One Frame Fairytale - Falcon T© original haiku 2011

Sometimes the world looks like a fairytale.
With beautiful skies, and ships that had shipwrecked and died ages ago.
But that was then..
Why do some still see these sights?

Or is this just how the rest of the world looks at it?
Blindsighted by a happy upbringing and no bad experiences.

Or perhaps a coping mechanisme pretending the world looks like this,
so you don't have to open your eyes for the real world.

I've seen the world in all it's beauty and ugliness,
unlike most, I don't feel like giving up.
I feel it's just a test, there is no justice nor equality,
no fairness at all, but if we don't stop this downfall now, who will?

start utopia
let us make our fairytale
we are the heroes

stop the pretending
things are not how they might seem
but they could be though

we cannot give up
it is not in us to quit
while we can still win

I don't beg for help
I'm making utopia
you're all invited

donderdag 18 augustus 2011

Girl in a field - Falcon T© original haiku 2011

keep looking away
I want to take a picture
your face ruins it

go stand in that field
I do love your cellulite
but not in this shot

put on a red dress
you do look better in blue
but i need contrast

I really love you
not up close and personal
but from a distance

go enjoy the view
and I will enjoy my view
from right over here

donderdag 4 augustus 2011

8 random words - Falcon T© original haiku 2011

pull for a rabbit
sometimes you get a monkey
out of that big hat

a whistle of wind
sand between my toes and ass
chilling on the beach

hanging from a vine
swinging from tree to treetop
down in the jungle

sometimes it hits me
I wish I was coconut
so i could be tough

out on safari
to see the wild animals
in a bigger cage

where silence prevails
and night is at the darkest
music is heaven

throw it all you want
that banana will not fly
not without some wings

story of my life
just when I get fired up
i'm already done

maandag 1 augustus 2011

dog versus elephant

if life was about being the best,
which species would have done better?

was it perhaps the dog,
that befriended the humans
like no other animal had achieved?

or was it the elephant,
that would certainly kill any dog
and any human in single combat?

if we look at survival through numbers,
then dog certainly has the upperhand,
being the most kept pet in many a home.
It most certainly wouldn't have been
this succesful without this symbiosis.

Elephant decided to find this symbiosis
with little birds and be the dominant species,
where dogs definitely chose to play a submissive role.

What does this teach the children?
Do we tell them to learn from this
to sometimes be like water and sometimes like a rock,
sometimes like an elephant and sometimes like a dog.
That life is to find out when and where to be what,
and that the right choice, sometimes can still be wrong?

Or do we keep there ignorant bliss?
Letting them live a lie, filling there head with pretty stories?
which is to be prefered?

enough talk about the questions this picture raises in my mind.


the white snowflakes fall
while dog and elephant play
in the new twilight

dog and elephant
are sizing eachother up
for the snowballfight

somebody must die
the elephant or the dog
painter or the snow

but what if I was born in summer?

In the spring of life
the waiting is on summer
but then comes autumn

donderdag 21 juli 2011

Seven Haiku - Falcon T© original haiku 2011

the notes of this song
take me to it's origin
back in jamaica

look through the glass
instead of at the window
to see it's beauty

underneith it all
there is a silver lining
to see through the pain

to want maximum
with a minimum input
not a wordy cause

the pen hits paper
and leaves it's intended mark
a masters omen

does he want quarters
when he begs for change
often I wonder

try to look less deep
into that nights glass of yours
and take it easy

zaterdag 25 juni 2011

Falcon T - The Aftermath © original haiku 2011

Eventhough this looks like one large poem, and the verses seem coherent with eachother, they are only so because i put them in that order..

Getting back my work
manuscript in envelop
the rejection hurts

a tiny post-it
said some things some nice some not
not meant for my eyes

I did not read it
after they had sent it back
all pages were blank

I'm writing fresh now
a page has been turned around
I have no more past

my eyes wide open
it's just a matter of speech
I look and I see

donderdag 12 mei 2011

Picture story/poetry

I feel like a hot air baloon ready for take off, i just need to pump a little more hot air in my ego before I can work up the courage to take off and say i'm fly, i'm higher then you my view is the horizon. I'm different then the other baloons too, no pretty colors, no cool graphic, just a baloon that is designed to take off faster, to go further and higher then others, not for the bragging rights or to win a race, just because it's possible.

In the land of hot air baloons, a zeppelin is king, but the hot air baloons have nothing to fear of the zeppelin, it's the zeppelin that should be afraid, for if it were to come to close to the hot air baloons, the flames from the burner could take it down in a second. Still it is the king and not the slave, because it doesn't have to depend on the right wind to take it to it's destination, it has a propellor to rule out chance, does that make the zeppelin a control freak compared to the floating baloons? or is it just what it seems a smarter way of traveling..

three hot air baloons
they are standing on the ground
ready for take off

floating in the wind
colorful dot in the sky
no destination

find the right airstream
to take you away from here
it's better elsewhere

donderdag 5 mei 2011

Falcon T © original haiku 2011 (part 2)

When you think you outshine the others, don't be jealous at the attention they are getting, just be thankful that you can respect their efforts:

a sweet butterfly
tries to visit all flowers
but forgets the sun

Sometimes i need to tell myself what i need to hear in order to keep going:

you think you have failed
but the only failure is
never to have tried

The obvious truth might not be the most obvious to everyone:

In the line of fire
step away to stay alive
or catch a bullet

You can keep being angry and wondering why you have not gotten the opportunities others were given, but it takes character to stop destruction and start building your future:

move towards the light
instead of wondering why
it's not where you are

like they always say, you don't know what you miss until it's gone:

when you want the sun
but you see a star instead
you know what you miss

Choices are hard, which one turns out to be the right one is it the obvious one or the other:

after a grape falls
we can either pick it up
or leave it to rot

it's always good to ridicule yourself, so that you don't grow a bad case of ego:

prolonged ponderings
have permitted me to see
that i waste my time

You think you are who you are right now, but if so, what if you change?

one path to follow
he who leaves himself behind
will find another

maandag 18 april 2011

Falcon T © original haiku 2011

These haiku i've written over the course of the last month.

the first english haiku i ever wrote was:

silly girls with brains
are to be preferred over
humorless others

I was thinking about japan and what terrible purpose they had encountered and wrote:

the thought of others
having an even worse time
makes a humble man

When ever i make a mistake, or trip I think by myself:

a princes sees it
a knight in shining armor
falling from his horse

sometimes i ponder:

underneath the stars
standing by the waterside
we have stopped to stare

No one walks through life untouched by inequality and injustice:

when you get some scars
you know you are working on
getting a thick skin

an observation:

the world seems less bright
when i step out of the sun
to rest in the shade

sometimes we look but we don't see:

seeing the unseen
discovering the lost art
of opening eyes