dinsdag 2 maart 2010

Sweet Sixteens!

Sweet Sixteens!

- Why is there a need to feel like a princess for one day, if your treated likewise for the rest of the year?
- how can you truly enjoy and be grateful for a party, if you expect it too happen and you plan it out?
- How can you throw yourself a party, and then as the hostess wanting to be the absolute middle of the celebration?

Just some questions I had when I was looking at My Super Sweet Sixteen!

I always thought that when you host a party, your job is too make sure your guests are having a good time and when you see your guests having a good time, then your actually enjoying yourself too…

But to get to the deeper issue, when your sixteen and a girl, I can imagine that you might feel insecure once in a while or you might even have some self-esteem issues..

Is it really a good idea to make you feel secure by buying all kinds of things so you can make other people jealous or make other people envy you?

Does a thick layer of fake confidence, made possible because you have the illusion that you only look beautiful and stylish when you are wearing an expensive designer outfit with matching purse, really make you happy or confident on the inside?

Does having friends that only accept you because you wear these clothes and because you pretend to be better then you feel on the inside, really make you feel accepted and make you love your friends?

And for parents:
when you advertise ‘material wealth makes one happy’, is that really the message you want to sent out?

Why do I see you parents making all the right statements, but only as a joke?
It should be the truth and not a joke!
Jokes like: “you don’t need 4 dresses for this one night unless you’re a hooker”
And then they buy them anyway..
Does this mean you don’t want your child’s respect, but just want to ‘buy there love?

Or: “We are not getting you this car, just because you look pretty in it, if you want we can come back next Sunday and you can look pretty in it again.”
And then at the day of the party, they prank the kid with a Hyundai which has a new price value of 40,000 dollars and the kid says: “Why is that car standing there? I don’t want that car!” Sees her rich girl image floating away, starts to cry like an ungrateful bitch, which was probably her image to begin with and not ‘the classy daddy’s girl’ image she thinks she’s portraying, but anyway it’s only a joke and the 200,000 dollar Mercedes pops up and instead of saying: “I love you mommy and daddy, for getting me the car I wanted!” She just jumps into the car and says: I love this car.

And why do you guys always say, I’m so proud of you, when all they do is disrespect you, then when they need something, they come to you sweet as sugar, until they get what they want?
This child like behaviour was ok when they were 5 or maybe 6 years old, but not when they’re 10 years older than that!
Why does a beginning driver, at the age of 16 need a 100,000 dollar car?
Is it safer? is it better looking when it’s curved around a lantern?

And then when people are not rich, they buy the biggest house they can get with maximal mortgage, get maximal loans, to pretend they are rich, so that their kids don’t have to feel inferior to the other kids, though they can never go on vacation, or spent some quality family time together, like a family dinner or things like that, because they have to work every moment to keep living the lifestyle they have grown to appreciate!

Is there a point?

The point is:
- Family matters!
- True friendship can not be bought or based on the fact that you wear the same kind of overpriced outfits!
- Materialism is overrated!
- Inner peace and happiness comes from interactions with people that you have grown to love for who they are, and not for what they portrait to be!
- Raising kids correct is not buying their love, but setting boundaries and conveying the right message to them, so they respect you and one day they can earn your respect!
- Respect and love yourself! It’s you that’s beautiful, not your diamonds!

I hope you don’t hate me for what I’m saying, I’m just saying what I feel is the truth, but
since truth is only a reflection of your view on reality, I could be very wrong!
Tell me what you think!