donderdag 18 augustus 2011

Girl in a field - Falcon T© original haiku 2011

keep looking away
I want to take a picture
your face ruins it

go stand in that field
I do love your cellulite
but not in this shot

put on a red dress
you do look better in blue
but i need contrast

I really love you
not up close and personal
but from a distance

go enjoy the view
and I will enjoy my view
from right over here

donderdag 4 augustus 2011

8 random words - Falcon T© original haiku 2011

pull for a rabbit
sometimes you get a monkey
out of that big hat

a whistle of wind
sand between my toes and ass
chilling on the beach

hanging from a vine
swinging from tree to treetop
down in the jungle

sometimes it hits me
I wish I was coconut
so i could be tough

out on safari
to see the wild animals
in a bigger cage

where silence prevails
and night is at the darkest
music is heaven

throw it all you want
that banana will not fly
not without some wings

story of my life
just when I get fired up
i'm already done

maandag 1 augustus 2011

dog versus elephant

if life was about being the best,
which species would have done better?

was it perhaps the dog,
that befriended the humans
like no other animal had achieved?

or was it the elephant,
that would certainly kill any dog
and any human in single combat?

if we look at survival through numbers,
then dog certainly has the upperhand,
being the most kept pet in many a home.
It most certainly wouldn't have been
this succesful without this symbiosis.

Elephant decided to find this symbiosis
with little birds and be the dominant species,
where dogs definitely chose to play a submissive role.

What does this teach the children?
Do we tell them to learn from this
to sometimes be like water and sometimes like a rock,
sometimes like an elephant and sometimes like a dog.
That life is to find out when and where to be what,
and that the right choice, sometimes can still be wrong?

Or do we keep there ignorant bliss?
Letting them live a lie, filling there head with pretty stories?
which is to be prefered?

enough talk about the questions this picture raises in my mind.


the white snowflakes fall
while dog and elephant play
in the new twilight

dog and elephant
are sizing eachother up
for the snowballfight

somebody must die
the elephant or the dog
painter or the snow

but what if I was born in summer?

In the spring of life
the waiting is on summer
but then comes autumn