vrijdag 4 november 2011

Tree of Life - Falcon T© original haiku 2011

What if a tree, would resemble me, who around me, would be what exactly?

would my family be the roots, keeping me steady?
would my friends be the branches, reaching for glisful bliss?
would I be the trunk, supporting the whole bunch?

and what kind of tree would I be?

would i be a birch? growing too many branches at once, so they break..

I desire to be an oak, never growing out of pace, always making the right decisions, never hasting, but never stopping either.

and maybe, just maybe, i'd be able to carry a thimble little wood nymph, a thousand years through time..

Who would I have been
if the world had been a tree
I was not the crown

getting all the light
easily growing swiftly
always fresh and green

I was not the branch
nourished by the leaves and roots
giving them support

I would be that twig
with a single leaf attached
without direct light

that keeps on growing
on character daily
til he sees the light

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